Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Evelyn's Cafe - Four Years Later

 Chuck and I are back in Columbus again visiting family.  Today we went to Evelyn's Cafe for lunch with Aunt Opal.  I was anxious to see what changes, if any, had occurred since our last visit four years ago.

As I expected, the changes were minor....and that, my friends, is a good thing! 

The first thing we noticed was that there is a bright new sign.

The other thing we noticed is that the screen door no longer has a rip in the screen.

Once inside, everything was the same as it has been for years.  No change at all that I could tell.  Same staff, same customers and the same wonderful southern food.

This is my lunch, a vegetable plate....cole slaw, rutabagas, tomatoes with okra, turnip greens and cornbread sticks.  A large sweet iced tea rounded the meal out....or maybe squared the meal off.

Here is Chuck and Aunt Opal checking out the menu while I was busy talking with folks and snapping pictures.

This man was introduced to me as a "true redneck."  I never found out why he was more redneck than any of us.  He told me he was from Clio, L.A.   "I've never heard of Clio in Los Angeles." I told him.  He said "Not Los Angeles, that is Clio, Lower Alabama."

If you are driving through Columbus and want to have a true southern eating experience....I recommend this cafe.

It is on Hamilton Road.  Located across the street from the lavender house.

And sharing the parking lot with Rosehill Seafood.

Already looking forward to returning to Evelyn's Cafe on a future trip.